What really happened to Fe4rless..

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What really happened to Fe4rless..
Fe4rless disappeared 4 months ago but the clues of his return are popping up. Where did he go and is Fe4rless okay? Do not miss what he said at the end of this video.
Stream: www.caf.tv/thatdenverguy (free sign up through this link)
Discord for Customs: discord.gg/GyEUsNR
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  1. M1X3R M0rG4N
    M1X3R M0rG4N
    19 orë më parë

    What’s his second channel

  2. reddinochach
    22 orë më parë

    Fearless is scared to post

  3. Zeng Family
    Zeng Family
    Ditë më parë


  4. BLUE Nielzy
    BLUE Nielzy
    Ditë më parë

    look im not joking we got news ok? so fearless's dad died it was shown on a tiktok video a person commented said yay fearless is back and fearless responded with unlike my dad...

  5. Soularr0
    Ditë më parë

    do raccooneggs

  6. Dillon Monsen
    Dillon Monsen
    Ditë më parë

    Fe4Rless is one of my friend I play call of duty with him and he will return to ALfirst when he reaches 8 mil subs. 🍤

  7. Cleetus
    Ditë më parë


  8. Drift000
    Ditë më parë


  9. FoxzyYT Uploads
    FoxzyYT Uploads
    2 ditë më parë

    I was hoping to see Fearless comment on this video.

  10. Megan Bishop
    Megan Bishop
    2 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: fe4rless is just making a song with carlos😂

    1. The_Defaults
      Ditë më parë

      faccx he got 1milly likes on that vid with carlos!

  11. Soken Nath
    Soken Nath
    2 ditë më parë

    people : TF IS TAIWAN 🇹🇼??? Me:*watches nasdaily’s vid* Oh that country is a secret country...

  12. Luke Linville
    Luke Linville
    2 ditë më parë

    still not back :(

  13. HighLux Potato
    HighLux Potato
    2 ditë më parë

    “BURGER” IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR Ok, i typed it. You happy? :)

  14. ItsJonathan Pre
    ItsJonathan Pre
    2 ditë më parë

    Fe4rless is still not posting

  15. Jxrry Official
    Jxrry Official
    2 ditë më parë

    search and fe4ress vs and he is ailve

  16. Jxrry Official
    Jxrry Official
    2 ditë më parë

    see at google

  17. Jxrry Official
    Jxrry Official
    2 ditë më parë

    he is alive

  18. Jxrry Official
    Jxrry Official
    2 ditë më parë

    fe4rless is ailve he do new cnallage

  19. King song Song
    King song Song
    2 ditë më parë

    He was crying for a seconded fe4rless if u see this we want you to come back

  20. Soufyboufy
    2 ditë më parë

    Lol fn need to make a new season about fearless lol

  21. Sku Buddy
    Sku Buddy
    2 ditë më parë

    DENVER, you should do a video on FE4RLESS

  22. Justin jr Gonzalez
    Justin jr Gonzalez
    2 ditë më parë

    Fear where you at pls come back

    1. Justin jr Gonzalez
      Justin jr Gonzalez
      2 ditë më parë

      Come back please

  23. BrokeCookie-YT
    2 ditë më parë


  24. Pam Bowers
    Pam Bowers
    2 ditë më parë

    I Wached him every day

  25. Keegan Schaffrin
    Keegan Schaffrin
    2 ditë më parë


  26. PanguiniRockGaming
    3 ditë më parë

    He’s on lix’s channel

  27. Alex Liparivel
    Alex Liparivel
    3 ditë më parë

    Let’s just imagine those keyboard ard and mouse binds are controller ones.

  28. Wither Animates
    Wither Animates
    3 ditë më parë

    He’s depressed because his dad died and now he doesn’t want to upload

    1. Addison Gertner
      Addison Gertner
      2 ditë më parë


  29. Catio 27
    Catio 27
    3 ditë më parë

    Hopefully he comes back

    3 ditë më parë

    Actually absorber made a video with him absorber is trolling him with his girl voice to watch absorber now

  31. Mohseo Razzaque
    Mohseo Razzaque
    3 ditë më parë

    Check lix's youtube title says OG DUO WITH FE4RLESS.

  32. Coder xX
    Coder xX
    3 ditë më parë

    He’s back but he’s ain’t on his channel if you go to this channel his name is called Lix he played with fe4rless on his recent upload

  33. Dan Sebastian Grini
    Dan Sebastian Grini
    3 ditë më parë

    ┏━━°❀•°✮°•❀°━━┓ I'm a boy ┗━━°❀•°✮°•❀°━━┛

  34. Zamly
    3 ditë më parë

    hope he is okay

  35. Darkz Wickerz
    Darkz Wickerz
    4 ditë më parë

    1 Canada Watching your Video Pewdiepie:Am i joke to you?

  36. Robogirafe326
    4 ditë më parë

    He's dead

  37. Darkzy killz
    Darkzy killz
    4 ditë më parë

    I hackkve de umbrellaaa

  38. Ethan Springfield
    Ethan Springfield
    4 ditë më parë

    Nobody: 9 year olds: omg he’s laughing..... DEPRESSION

  39. ItsShon
    4 ditë më parë

    Well he said in a TikTok about a week ago that he has his new video prepared but he’s scared to upload it

  40. NBLH Gameing
    NBLH Gameing
    4 ditë më parë

    What is his second channel

  41. nonspray
    4 ditë më parë

    I think he is just anxious about all of these people, and is worried about not being able to live up to the hype.

  42. Dep 2_0
    Dep 2_0
    5 ditë më parë


  43. frenchseal 12
    frenchseal 12
    5 ditë më parë

    Hello but if u look at his friend aka lix he was in anew vid and he sounds chill and good trust me 🙃 Ok also if u wanna watch the video it says a lot of bad words tho

  44. VOP
    5 ditë më parë

    Can someone gimme the link to the stream?

  45. Typical Erik
    Typical Erik
    5 ditë më parë

    he said "have a bleesed life" 8:32

  46. TSG combat
    TSG combat
    5 ditë më parë

    4:03 i saw the stream on my phone but i didnt believe it i missed out:(

  47. Freddie M
    Freddie M
    5 ditë më parë

    What is fe4rs second channel called

  48. Rami El Chabab
    Rami El Chabab
    5 ditë më parë

    Tbh idc if he uploads anymore i just want to know that he’s ok

  49. axra t0b1
    axra t0b1
    5 ditë më parë

    lix made a video with fe4rless in it

  50. Todoroki - Kun
    Todoroki - Kun
    5 ditë më parë


  51. crxssy
    6 ditë më parë

    My theory is that Dream is Fearless and here are some reasons: Fearless stopped uploading at the exact same time Dream started uploading videos, Both of them haven't made a face reveal even thought most you tubers their size would've already had one by now, Dream said he use to play a lot of bo3 and Fortnite and was tired of that so he started playing Minecraft again, Fearless said he would play Minecraft and played in the past but he really liked Fortnite at the time so maybe he got tired of Fortnite and started uploading Minecraft videos on another channel because most of his fans were mostly Fortnite fans so they probably wouldn't like minecraft content, There's no way Dream had millions of subs that quickly after starting making videos. he probably had experience from another channel.. maybe one called "Fearless", Both of them know how to make good videos and keep their viewers entertained, they also have very similar sense of humor, They also have the same age and sound very much the same. -not my words credit to the person with these theory's

  52. Jesiah Jaramillo
    Jesiah Jaramillo
    6 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: he posted on tiktok and said he was making a new video

    6 ditë më parë


  54. Malik Muric
    Malik Muric
    6 ditë më parë

    I think his dad is dead becuseee somebody comented on his tik tok hope he comes back and he said my dad dosent

  55. Xd Mohamed
    Xd Mohamed
    6 ditë më parë

    8 months ago

  56. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    6 ditë më parë


  57. Connor Horton
    Connor Horton
    6 ditë më parë

    He laughs in all his videos tho

  58. Martha Madrid
    Martha Madrid
    6 ditë më parë

    Is Fe4rLess never coming back 🥺😭 Fe4rless please come back 😫

  59. Ak4 ShadowZツ
    Ak4 ShadowZツ
    6 ditë më parë

    He has a different channel u know this right..

  60. Olly R
    Olly R
    6 ditë më parë

    He updated his playlist a couple days ago

  61. Unknown
    6 ditë më parë

    Some say he’s fake to

  62. Drama
    7 ditë më parë

    Can someone pls tell me what’s fe4rless new yt acc?

  63. Luke Fundeen
    Luke Fundeen
    7 ditë më parë

    This video has got me crying

  64. Luke Fundeen
    Luke Fundeen
    7 ditë më parë

    Dang I hope he gets though it

    1. Luke Fundeen
      Luke Fundeen
      7 ditë më parë

      Btw this video got me crying

  65. Green Ninja
    Green Ninja
    7 ditë më parë


  66. levi bellamy
    levi bellamy
    7 ditë më parë

    Bruh if u watched 1 fearless vid u would know y I love fear so much

  67. spider cat
    spider cat
    7 ditë më parë

    I had a heart attack after the comments

  68. SeperayzYT
    7 ditë më parë

    No so Fe4rless has a tiktok and he posted on november 17 of 2020 he in depression because his dad died and in the comments somebody said “ohh fearless is coming back” and then fearless replied with this- @fe4rless:unlike my dad 😔😔😔😔😔🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😩😩🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😭😭😭😭😭😭☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞😞☹️☹️☹️🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴💔💔💔💔

  69. Cyphon
    7 ditë më parë

    I really hope that he isn't depressed and his life is going good, but I am just waiting for him to come back so we can hit him with a big 50M views :)

  70. rigbyme
    7 ditë më parë

    Or he's akward.. to talking to thousand of people.

  71. BH NotLuc
    BH NotLuc
    7 ditë më parë

    I come from the future fe4rless is going to come back in Christmas in 28 December

  72. Brandon Cribb
    Brandon Cribb
    7 ditë më parë

    I found a video on a ALfirst lix that he uploaded the og duo is back with fearless check it out maybe some more info

    1. Brandon Cribb
      Brandon Cribb
      7 ditë më parë

      ALfirst channel is lix

  73. jaime garza
    jaime garza
    7 ditë më parë

    Been watching him since 60k😞

  74. Domino gamer
    Domino gamer
    7 ditë më parë

    Does fearless come back????

  75. Dante Aceves
    Dante Aceves
    8 ditë më parë

    tracking him.... HE IS COMING BACK SOON DON"T GO CRAZY

  76. Kris Rowe
    Kris Rowe
    8 ditë më parë

    Rip fe4r

  77. Smiley
    8 ditë më parë

    Theory Fre4less is making galatus event

  78. Demonz '-'
    Demonz '-'
    8 ditë më parë

    Fearless is on lix channel he’s on there frequently

  79. QTzerpy
    8 ditë më parë

    I feel like people are going to deep on this. In my opinion he is warn out from editing, And fortnite to much sweats, And less defaults. But some people are like oh then why wouldn't he tell us. Well because he didn't want you guys to be mad or think hes selfish. Also the shaking hand's part he was nervous and he said he hadn't played fortnite in awhile. But just let him be if he quits he quits if he returns that's great.

  80. TopazCow
    8 ditë më parë

    I have a feeling he lost someone really important in his life. I remember when i lost my grandma in 2015 and it completely broke my whole family. I hope hes doing ok tho

  81. Deb Wear
    Deb Wear
    8 ditë më parë

    Fe4lesl actually is not dead he's not depressed he actually has tik tok

  82. Bambikilla69 .w
    Bambikilla69 .w
    8 ditë më parë

    Well he made a video with lix

  83. Me.
    8 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: This guy IS fearless and we've been watching an impostor for years, and the impostor died.

  84. Brant Rosenberry
    Brant Rosenberry
    8 ditë më parë


  85. Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine
    8 ditë më parë

    I'd love if he just randomly one day tweeted "hi guys"

  86. Appa ඞ
    Appa ඞ
    8 ditë më parë

    On the live he was playing Kbm he plays controller but he didn’t look the greatest so idk if he was trying ut

  87. Olisiano
    9 ditë më parë

    I saw fearless in a tik tok video in those public pranks tik tok video it was him

  88. Lava Berwary
    Lava Berwary
    9 ditë më parë

    Bruh I miss him and his videos😔

  89. Yousuf Wael
    Yousuf Wael
    9 ditë më parë


  90. RalphDBoy
    9 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: fearless is with Carlos making a song 😂😂😂

  91. Ali Hassan Chokr
    Ali Hassan Chokr
    9 ditë më parë

    I know why already

  92. Vithush The Great
    Vithush The Great
    9 ditë më parë


  93. Corey Teal
    Corey Teal
    9 ditë më parë

    He went to college

  94. random gaming
    random gaming
    9 ditë më parë

    I hope fearless is fine Thank you for the video

  95. Now Me
    Now Me
    9 ditë më parë


  96. Now Me
    Now Me
    9 ditë më parë

    Both and cerday

  97. Now Me
    Now Me
    9 ditë më parë

    Fe4rless is not posting bc the virus

  98. Bratface2811 Red knight clan
    Bratface2811 Red knight clan
    10 ditë më parë

    He’s on tiktok too

  99. Bratface2811 Red knight clan
    Bratface2811 Red knight clan
    10 ditë më parë

    Look up lix and watch og duo

  100. Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob
    10 ditë më parë

    The real thing that happened to fearless his dad died so he needed a big break trust me