The End of Twitch

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The End of Twitch
ProGuides ALfirst :
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Ninja left, Shroud left, Faze Ewok is gone, and many more are heading over to Mixer, but is this just the start of the fall of Twitch? ALfirst now brought in CourageJD and Facebook has exclusivity deals with many popular ALfirstrs. Can Twitch react quickly enough or will their vague consequences and arbitrary rules be the end of Twitch?
Lazarbeam Actually Yelled at Epic for this..
Epic is Out of Control..
Ninja GOES OFF on Epic:
Petition Against Epic Games:
Ninja and Pro Furious at Epic:
Epic Says It's OVER:
Ninja Accidentally Leaked BIG Announcement:
Faze Jarvis Banned Forever:
Top 10 Moments in Fortnite History!:
Ninja Exposes Epic's Secrets:
Ex Epic Employee LEAKED:
Ninja and Tfue LOVE Chapter 2!:
Epic Exposed by Ninja for..:
Nerf Controller Sensitivity!:
Ninja RageQUIT Immediately After This:
The Truth ABOUT Tfue:
Daequan and Ninja Can't Believe This:
Ninja, Nickmercs, Faze Sway Can't Believe It:
Epic Tried but It's Too Late:
Pros are DONE With Fortnite:
Ninja Exposes the Real Reason..:
Pros Uninstalling and Boycotting Fortnite:
Epic Being Sued Over This Now:
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  1. jammy.
    23 ditë më parë

    You are my favourite p.e teacher

  2. Jowplays100 #2
    Jowplays100 #2
    Muaj më parë


  3. Tim Richardson
    Tim Richardson
    3 muaj më parë

    8:05 agree , mixer has no ecosystem.

    1. KgbAgent1307 Ollo
      KgbAgent1307 Ollo
      3 muaj më parë

      Tim Richardson it isn’t even around anymore

  4. B Sandstorm
    B Sandstorm
    3 muaj më parë

    Lets hope Twitch really falls. Ninja, then Shroud and now Dr.Disrespect. This feminazi platform should be destroyed completely.

  5. Fuzed Elemental
    Fuzed Elemental
    5 muaj më parë

    And then mixer happened

  6. Kayden Chan
    Kayden Chan
    5 muaj më parë

    Who is watching this after Mixer shutting down?

    1. Swimboyextra
      28 ditë më parë


  7. LALShortShot
    5 muaj më parë


  8. Rob Oak
    Rob Oak
    5 muaj më parë

    Lol, 7 months later all these guys viewers have fallen off since leaving twitch.

  9. ka lai chan
    ka lai chan
    6 muaj më parë

    it is time to save twitch

  10. Owen Belbis
    Owen Belbis
    6 muaj më parë

    Bill gates doesn’t run Microsoft anymore

  11. Alex
    6 muaj më parë

    Im pretty sure Alynity has a relation with 1 of the twich staff thats why she is not getting banned but im not sure

  12. Fatal Rapid
    Fatal Rapid
    6 muaj më parë

    Something people don’t realise about ninjas switch is that he no longer needs to worry about donations because he gets money for streaming

  13. JMS_Cubing
    6 muaj më parë

    Same Microsoft that invented computers?

  14. Mr Bruce
    Mr Bruce
    6 muaj më parë

    First , I must say "Thank You". Your very well informed videos have made me a better player. Second, I don't "Play with Pros" cause I am a very bad player. I do play fdor fun and I must say, I am having a great time. Enuff said...epic code black unicorn01

  15. TimTrillion
    6 muaj më parë

    Use code thatdenverguyYT

  16. Julie Rivera
    Julie Rivera
    7 muaj më parë


  17. Fuzzzy
    8 muaj më parë

    I'm glad streamers are moving away from Twitch. Avoid private monopoly at all costs.

  18. Lt.
    8 muaj më parë

    Twitch acts so strict but then won’t ban hot girls

  19. The Battle Cat
    The Battle Cat
    9 muaj më parë

    Hi dude I love your videos good luck with your future vids love u♥️

    10 muaj më parë

    Why second. Just wondering

  21. Exo _idrxp
    Exo _idrxp
    10 muaj më parë

    that one dude. yeah i think Facebook will win

  22. Baked Beans
    Baked Beans
    10 muaj më parë

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen didn’t invent the computer, they made software for an already existing computer called the Altair 8800

  23. Isaiah Cool Gaming
    Isaiah Cool Gaming
    11 muaj më parë

    Bill gates is a god. I remember when someone did a prank on him that could of cause so damage. I respect him for anything and god bless him.

  24. Brian Walker
    Brian Walker
    11 muaj më parë

    “Competition will make things better for everybody” Welcome to Capitalism!

  25. ryan tyler
    ryan tyler
    11 muaj më parë

    Bill gates retired from Microsoft

  26. ryan tyler
    ryan tyler
    11 muaj më parë

    Invented the computer????

  27. SalmanLt
    11 muaj më parë

    Facebook Streaming Has Entered

  28. Vpxbeggsddn196
    11 muaj më parë

    Next up the end of ALfirst or is it already dead

  29. ServiceFN
    11 muaj më parë

    I remember when I played on my Xbox and mixer was a already installed app and I used to stream there and I actually liked it, I didn’t need to have another screen to see my chat cuz it was already there on my gaming screen. Like for mixer

  30. Sinful Spoon94
    Sinful Spoon94
    11 muaj më parë

    Song at 4:16?

  31. Ludomentro719 YT
    Ludomentro719 YT
    Vit më parë

    Who is the first P.E teacher

  32. Adicated
    Vit më parë

    What tf is faze ewak

  33. Crunchy Cat
    Crunchy Cat
    Vit më parë

    People are leaving cause the site is biased and the staff are ultra white knights

  34. Bilyer Kriscos
    Bilyer Kriscos
    Vit më parë

    NickMercs is the best LiveStream personality and is un matched....NickMercs rules livestreams fullstop its not going anywhere...Mixer sucks and personalitys are not as good although they do have some good ones ill admit

  35. Z M
    Z M
    Vit më parë

    Imagine watching twitch when you can watch twitch on youtube.

  36. Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright
    Vit më parë

    I think the viewer count was a little misleading...saying that shroud only had 6k viewers. while he was playing wow...a game hes not known for playing. people dont watch shroud to watch wow. hes a fps player. and if you dont think thats relative than you need to rethink it.

  37. Joe Dooley
    Joe Dooley
    Vit më parë

    The computer was created long before Bill Gates, he just bought it into the mainstream

  38. longshotmagoo
    Vit më parë

    Twitch is like fortnite. Its super popular but no one can explain why or even agree on why. Mixer is a much better platform but people are resistant to change. Its such a good bit of competition that twitch has implemented some features that mixer has such as FTL (basically 1 second from you making a message to it hitting the stream and streamer seeing it) squad play is another one. Twitch has some serious competition and honestly i reckon microsoft asmon wasn't wrong about dragging people in slowly but reckon it was done to get its name out there and get some big names in place for later bigger announcements such as games and events so that the streamers don't over shadow MS plans

  39. Say Cheese
    Say Cheese
    Vit më parë

    I’m hungry.

  40. PkGam
    Vit më parë

    This is definitely an awesome thing for all streamers! Twitch has been incredibly inconsistent with rules enforcement, even banning people for days over mistakes on Twitch's own part. So people moving from twitch to any other platform will force Twitch to up their game to stay competitive. Twitch of course will likely stay at the top for a little while longer, but as more people continue to migrate from Twitch because of the issues, the viewers will migrate as well because there's favorite streamers to watch on them. Something tells me them migrating is not even about the money either because they already have enough money to live for the rest of their life. Millions more is just "there". Money can't buy happiness either as a lot of streamers are downright miserable on Twitch. So migrating to a platform them can have more fun on just seems to be the logical step to do.

  41. fusion snooty
    fusion snooty
    Vit më parë

    Mixer all the way, twitch is just a female loving piece of gar-bage

  42. ironkiller00
    Vit më parë

    Twitch forever🏆❤️

  43. fusion snooty
    fusion snooty
    Vit më parë

    5:20 little did we know not only ninja was

  44. CommanderLogan
    Vit më parë

    I hope Bugha goes to mixer cause i cant go on twitch without getting 75 ads

    1. Baglio Ivan
      Baglio Ivan
      Vit më parë

      i can't go on twitch without getting aids

  45. Ivan Aytor
    Ivan Aytor
    Vit më parë

    Hyperbolic clickbait.

  46. Lord Bloeckchen
    Lord Bloeckchen
    Vit më parë

    3 fortnite player leave. Fortniteplayer: twitch dies. Rest of the community: you know fortnite isn't even the biggest game anymore.

  47. Jxck Plays
    Jxck Plays
    Vit më parë

    I think mixer is a really cool app and a really interesting community as well

  48. NovaDoll
    Vit më parë

    Mixer is so much nicer than twitch. No thots and I can stream without trolls.

  49. Sam the Camera Man
    Sam the Camera Man
    Vit më parë

    0:09 moshroum

  50. Melxdy
    Vit më parë

    If ur the 2nd best P.E teacher who's the 1/First?

  51. CITY Clips
    CITY Clips
    Vit më parë

    The TIME well say everything

  52. halyoder jr
    halyoder jr
    Vit më parë

    King goth also left

  53. Dylan Phan
    Dylan Phan
    Vit më parë

    Would twitch become a monopoly Amazon soon is one

  54. Caze TKO
    Caze TKO
    Vit më parë

    I wish I had you as my pe teacher

  55. Sjors Poyck
    Sjors Poyck
    Vit më parë

    Why do u speed ur gameplay up lol

  56. urmaninavan
    Vit më parë

    Mongraal leaves for microwave streaming

  57. Jovo
    Vit më parë

    These are mostly just fortnite streamers, there are a lot of other streamers that play a different game you know? Fortnite is barely at the top now. Streamers like xQc are bringing a lot of people to twitch. Fortnite is dead, no one cares bout fortnite. And if you still do you're that person that thinks you're gonna become a pro news flash your not.

  58. Mo Amin
    Mo Amin
    Vit më parë

    Only twitch I ever watch is compilations😂

  59. BerserkerWu
    Vit më parë

    Just more better to have other streamers on different platforms

  60. BerserkerWu
    Vit më parë

    Nah it's not the end of twitch there other big streamers on twitch that only going to rise up

  61. Roan De Blieck
    Roan De Blieck
    Vit më parë

    Am I the only one who hates Elite Agent tryhards?

  62. yvng_23 33
    yvng_23 33
    Vit më parë

    Caffeine is better

  63. mfrexlm ttv
    mfrexlm ttv
    Vit më parë

    OK let's get this straight clix should be banned that's fair as he is abusing the twitch policy by including a banned streamers voice

  64. Pedro Rebelo
    Pedro Rebelo
    Vit më parë

    R.I.P Dlive

  65. /BluntHeadAss/
    Vit më parë

    If ninja would post on Instagram or something when he streams more people would watch.

  66. Skull_1532 YT
    Skull_1532 YT
    Vit më parë

    I think streaming on Facebook will turn into a meme

  67. anty
    Vit më parë

    Twitch is fine lol

  68. LuvFM
    Vit më parë

    I like Twitch's system the most. Layout, gifted subs etc. I hope it will stay around but if Tfue leaves I think it will be in trouble as far as Fortnite

  69. Emilu 33
    Emilu 33
    Vit më parë

    ALfirst and twitch are both about to die I don’t even know what to think

  70. vex
    Vit më parë

    10.28 hmmm coppa

  71. Dino On YouTube
    Dino On YouTube
    Vit më parë

    Your my 1st favourite PE teacher Like if you agree

  72. IkeaMushrooms
    Vit më parë

    All mixer needs now is to take tfue, dakotaz, sypherpk, and nickmercs

  73. itsVaran47_
    Vit më parë

    Nobody: Twitch: BAN THEM!

  74. Cristian Solis Bravo
    Cristian Solis Bravo
    Vit më parë

    #facebook will win LOL meme

  75. irishchriswolf1
    Vit më parë

    FYI Bill Gates is retired and doesn't own Microsoft 10:05

  76. V1ntic
    Vit më parë

    I was on mixer before ninja was

  77. YesIamCaden _
    YesIamCaden _
    Vit më parë

    Asmongold looks like larry the cucumber

  78. Prof. Art
    Prof. Art
    Vit më parë

    All these sites shutting down, this will be some day after tomorrow stuff. I hope all you guys are ready to start going outside for the first time...

  79. Team Lift
    Team Lift
    Vit më parë

    at first i saw the title and disgreed, but somehow you convinced me to agree with you

  80. Rogerfn
    Vit më parë


  81. TanzaKnight9
    Vit më parë

    twitch with pros

  82. Jacob Ghostwriter
    Jacob Ghostwriter
    Vit më parë

    Lol it said who would win the battle 1% chose Facebook lol

  83. ツoof
    Vit më parë

    Google Amazon Yahoo

  84. Kaintu Rife
    Kaintu Rife
    Vit më parë

    On Xbox mixer has been on there for like forever so I’d doubt that Microsoft would close mixer if all the Fortnite streamers left. It did have a good number of people

  85. Brandon MartinezPlayz
    Brandon MartinezPlayz
    Vit më parë

    I love Twitch lot, this stream platform really good 👍

  86. VanSki
    Vit më parë

    Ay might want to make your content less obviously targeted to kids

  87. NoodleLoops
    Vit më parë

    I love you Denver but Microsoft didn’t invent the computer. That wasn’t really smart of you 😂

  88. Seasaw
    Vit më parë

    I can’t find thisdenverguy

  89. S Jd
    S Jd
    Vit më parë

    Dellor was banned also so twich keep banning entertaining and popular people

  90. Epic Clash
    Epic Clash
    Vit më parë

    Microsoft did not invente the computer, they invented windows

    1. Fireflyed
      3 muaj më parë

      Reading this kinda feels weird it feels like you mean house windows I know what you meant by windows btw

    2. Kurbii
      Vit më parë

      Epic Clash they put it in the mainstream and were the first to sell them to the public, they also made many revolutionary changes to the way computers work

    3. Calculus Daddy
      Calculus Daddy
      Vit më parë

      10/10 Branding

    4. S D J G
      S D J G
      Vit më parë


    Vit më parë

    Only reason ALfirst is not going to win is because of COPPA

  92. tstorm5
    Vit më parë

    I think ALfirst will win because it has a lot of people on it normally and because more people watch it but streaming?? I don’t think it will win on streaming but normal video’s would win just streaming is something they won’t win at for fortnite at least

  93. Skull Amvs
    Skull Amvs
    Vit më parë

    who is our first fortnite teacher???

  94. xucuter
    Vit më parë

    He’s lying that he’s our 2nd fav. PE teacher He’s our 1st

  95. shiro
    Vit më parë

    The revenue split for mixer(?) is 80-20 in favour of the streamer, thats insane

  96. Ttv paws 8567
    Ttv paws 8567
    Vit më parë

    Who knew that steam has a live stream thing besides me

  97. Mkmcco
    Vit më parë

    Time to make a Mixer account

  98. Nasiear Westmoreland
    Nasiear Westmoreland
    Vit më parë

    Twitch vs mixer vs ALfirst

  99. PacyGeni
    Vit më parë

    Yo Denver made a new channel called thisdenverguy I subbed

  100. Toxic k2Sharks
    Toxic k2Sharks
    Vit më parë

    ALfirst isn’t meant only for streaming like twitch so that’s good