Epic FINALLY Responds.. Pros Freaking OUT Over What EPIC Employee Did

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Epic FINALLY Responded.. Pros Freaking OUT Over What Epic Employee Did
Tons of HUGE news today, Epic finally responded to the scammers and also what they said for being accused of NOT paying their pro players. Also, an Epic Employee ended up in a pro game and he was invincible, it’s actually hilarious, find out what happened in that match because he wasn’t supposed to fight and then almost elimmed a pro. Plus on top of this I have two insane tricks you guys didn’t know you could do, one with the charge shotgun and then a trick to take down choppas. Check out more awesome videos below!
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  1. OOM-47
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    Time stamps: 0:00: intro 1:00: codes being paid 1:35: code scams being dealt with+potential repercussions 3:25: report-a-creator 3:54: Epic employee has a new baby! 4:17: charge shotgun trick 4:42: how to kill choppas 5:15 Invincible epic employee in scrim 8:25 new flopper leaks 9:05 new POI leaks

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      Stitch AU
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      Clix is in NRG

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      OOM-47 thx man

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    why second cant you be my first

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    "I don't miss my shot" 7:16 That looked like it missed to me 😂

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    Viviana Aular
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    Look up zeq and watch his “free skin glitch” video it’s literally bull ****

  5. Shadowy
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    Are you the guy called TTV Denver8760?

  6. LoafOfCheese
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    If you think these fortnite scammers are bad there are ALfirst channels based on advertising cheats for games or items for games which are said to be free but are spyware and Rat kits which are very dangerous and they prey on young naive kids. ALfirst doesn’t do nothing.

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    Your my 1# favorite PE teacher

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    Denver is the realest ALfirstr out here

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    It’s not scamming them for money lol they are scamming to get their creator code used

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    your my FIRST fav pe teacher

  11. David Ventura
    David Ventura
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    @cianrj8787 on tiktok is a scammer he makes "bugs" to get exclusive skins and guess what, u have to use a support a creator code to do it also the creator code is BotShallow

  12. Eshaan The Panini
    Eshaan The Panini
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    Anyone else think that he sounds like that came from a box

  13. fire truck
    fire truck
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    the atlantis poi sounds reminds me of fnaf ambience

    1. fire truck
      fire truck
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      and cave sounds

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    Thanks for the updates

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    this is a week old, but basically i can report content creators if their code dont make my edits 2x faster? :o

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    Second favorite p.e teacher ?😂💯

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    Do you like Denver Broncos if you Do so do I

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    Adolf Drippler
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    They dont scam because the kids dont lose anything on it

  19. Metal Sonic v3.8
    Metal Sonic v3.8
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    Any chance we could get the thermal assault rifles back?

  20. Metal Sonic v3.8
    Metal Sonic v3.8
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    Fortnite will never die.

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    Emad = He mad Cmon u at least gonna see it once

  22. Wandering Phoenix
    Wandering Phoenix
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    Fortnite is going to be around for years to come. Just like COD has shifted and updated many times over the years, Fortnite will milk the money train as long as they can so it will be around for years and years to come

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    Mahwash Ansari
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    best guy everrrr

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    when i hear scams am sure it tik tok tik tok is a bad platform

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    Uptightspidy 12
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    I’m enjoying fortnite it’s so fun again

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    Full Throttle Productions
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    since no one else said it, i will. congrats on the baby

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    Wandering Phoenix
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    Why do you get any credit for this?

  28. Edison_YT_s DK?
    Edison_YT_s DK?
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    I was in a random duo match and i started to hear those exact sounds in the farm location

  29. Kiddo BB
    Kiddo BB
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    dang thes scums are discusting thanks for the vid

  30. salt shaker
    salt shaker
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    No i dont think 100-10 is 80

  31. LALShortShot
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    Shuffle gamer gets peeps to use his code for a gift they never ever get

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    Minecraft hunger games news instead pls

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    lol ghostninja is done

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    👨‍👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 👶👶👶👶👶

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    Denver love ur content keep it up ur one of my favourite ALfirstrs. ur such a nice guy keep it up.

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    Imagine if they go to court with flea cuz he says if u use code flea it doubles your edit speed as a joke

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    Julie Perez
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    0:13 Perfect timing.

  42. Cafarry
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    so glad we can get rid of these slimy people;}

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    they should just add back the pumps

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    Magma False
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    Get good

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    what if atlantis is tilted towers under water ?!?!?!? what do you think?

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    Facts at the end of the video

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    I love the game to

  50. ZHL Ganda
    ZHL Ganda
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    Theres a new glitch in the one shot game mode spam triangle at cabbages and you get infinite xp until you get a punch card if you get a punch card you need to leave and rejoin

  51. l3wd_5c0ff
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    Dude. You really are becoming the official spokesperson for our community. God bless.

  52. EvanIs StupidLUL
    EvanIs StupidLUL
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    when u said "im playing all 12 minutes of fortnite sounds" i was going to click off the video until u said just kiddin

  53. Silver
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    I wish I was an epic employee so I can just ban someone when there doing this it just makes me sick

  54. Terre1l
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    Flea scams his Audience with the ×2 edit speed

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    Logan Janes
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    Wow you’re a very nice youtuber

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    Love how humble you are man. Love to new season as well i just the the charge shotgun

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    Maybe if you eat the fire flopper and then you shoot someone it makes them on fire

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    I reached so fast to skip when he said imma play the whole 12 mins

  59. Coliwood Studios
    Coliwood Studios
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    Hey Denver. So myself and many other creative map makers have been lacking in new weapons and items. Unfortunately, we don’t really have anyone to help us make our voices heard, which is why I’m asking you for help. In creative, we’re still waiting on the charge, gold & purple rapid fire, mythic items, guided missile, firefly jar, etc. These items help us make great maps, and the players enjoy the experience more. So please, if you can spread this to your next ALfirst video or on twitter, it’d be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Love ur vidsss

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    The Atlantis sounds gives me anxiety...

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    ogs remember “your favorite p.e. teacher”

  63. JohnRobertPotter
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    "if any of you are doing this, tricking kids to get money" Epic: whaaaaat??? o not us??? nm ...ya whoever is doing that needs to be stopped

  64. Rating things With my friends
    Rating things With my friends
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    just wanted to say that i love your videos watch them every day pls keep posting

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    Yo everyone do Pack A Puncher he always puts KRAKEN love event happening now omg with a 10 minute timer that always resets

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    Vortex Silence
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    I hope people know HYPEX used to be an agario player lol look up “HYPEX gota.io”

  67. GamingHour
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    Everyone report Fresh Panda because he was faking a live event that happened in chapter 2 season 2 (the doomsday event) he did it two weeks before the event the guy kept on getting donations and was putting a timer on loop continuously just to trick kids

  68. Emmanuel Houle
    Emmanuel Houle
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    Of course thell do something , its their money that was stolen 🤦‍♂️

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    Congrats on your upcoming child

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    Is it just me or did the Atlantis sounds sound like the black hole sound from season X

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    Today in on of my matches I saw a vending machine and when I approached it it vanished any thoughts?

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    Hopefully I’m not the only one but awhile back I got my account scammed and I recently got it back. I’m disappointed because I cannot merge my two accounts and I don’t know what I can do.

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  81. Pvptony1 Challenges
    Pvptony1 Challenges
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    I wonder if they are putting all the save the world elements in br since they put fire in

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    Epic booking them for fraud with millions of dollars behind them: you have chosen death💀

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    That epic employee needs to be reprimanded for that.

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    I just dont like the new pump but besides that the game it pretty good

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    You should really give aikoes recognition he has less than 30k subs and is one of the only real streamers on youtube and streams for up to 8 hours almost every day, and he is only 12

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    I see those scammers all the time at tiktok or other social media it's so wrong :(

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    Thank u epic for getting rid of scammers

  97. OVG is a qt
    OVG is a qt
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    2:47 the default wasn’t gonna let that happen

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  100. THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P
    THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P
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